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The Legion was the setting for the finals night ,and it was one of the better finals nights in along time  ,its  a shame only half the league supported it ,but its always the same four teams that make it a great night (you know who you are and its greatly appreciated ).The cup final saw the Greymare   Galacticos destroy home favourites Legion 10 2 ,note able performance was Chris Macternan. The mixed triples saw the Greymare A scrape through against the Legion B 2 1,Les Miller starring in the shanghai to win the cheque for £300.The singles saw Les Miller beat The Mighty Mick Coad 2 1 ,while in the other semi final Andy Smith the 3,1 outsider defeat Dean Sheridan the Favourite at 1,2 with comparable  ease. The final was another victory for the Magnificent One Andy Smith who beat Les Miller 2 , 1.(falling of the stage did not help Millers cause).
The winter league starts on the 15th of October all new teams welcome, there is a meeting on the 8th October  ,for paying in and receiving league fixture s  all  new teams contact the secretary by the 4th October.(07576390762)

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